Olive oil

Frantoio Ravagni 1421

Extra virgin olive oil. A family tradition for almost six centuries.

Olive oil. A family tradition.

The first document mentioning Frantoio Ravagni is dated 1421. The Frantoio is a mill for cold milling and cold pressing of olives designed according to the oldest of the oil pressing tradition. From November to January, Frantoio Ravagni opens its doors to those who want to know the secrets of milling olives and to those who want to taste newly pressed olive oil. The Frantoio has been owned and run by the Ravagni-Bartolomei family. In 2019 Brent and Alessandro, after taking their olives there for decades, decided to support Francesco, the last representative of the family, to keep the tradition alive, at the same time restructuring the oil press and start direct distribution in the USA.

Olive oil products

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Olive oil beauty supplies

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